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Dean Myers

Dean Myers

Cash Flow Strategist

Dean strives to bring the motto, “It’s not my work. It’s my passion!” to the e3 team every day in his role as a Cash Flow Strategist. His passion for personal service is of the utmost importance. He joined e3 Consultants Group because of their desire to help the public advance the purpose of their money, whether or not they decide to be a client or not.
This selfless approach that seamlessly incorporates education became the foundation of Dean’s practice at e3. He now holds several industry licenses such as the Series 7, Series 63, and Series 65. He also has his Life and Health Licenses.
Dean joins our e3 team from Nashville, TN, where he is part of a large, tight knit family including two brothers and six sisters that he is extremely close to. One of his favorite hobbies is teaching. Whether that comes through in the form of coaching soccer or tutoring students, he thoroughly enjoys the educational process, yet another reason why the educational mindset at e3 has been a seamless fit for Dean!