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Your Risk

Entrepreneurship is a mindset.

Risk is an inherent part of entrepreneurship, and e3 ascribes to this mindset in our approach to minimizing client risk. We want to awaken the “inner-entrepreneur” in all of our clients so they can control the flow of their money and protect its purpose!

Stock Market Risk

Many clients are afraid to be in the stock market, and afraid to be out of it. We design client portfolios to help reduce the risk of a volatile market, without sacrificing all of the upside potential.

Inflation Risk

One definition of inflation is that everything gets more valuable… except money. People on fixed incomes are especially vulnerable to the effects of inflation as prices of consumer goods such as food, gas, and clothing increase faster than the income they draw from their portfolio, depleting their ‘nest egg’ faster than they anticipated.

To help minimize these risks, we incorporate regular cost-of-living adjustments into our clients’ income plans, and regularly review expenditures and make necessary adjustments, reducing their exposure to the risk of inflation.

Higher Taxes

As tax rates increase, they have the potential to erode clients’ income stream, and dramatically affect their lifestyle. We work with clients to help them shelter their investments, take advantage of current tax rates, and reduce the negative impact of potential rate increases.


This generation of retirees worked hard for retirement and deserves to enjoy their time to its fullest, without worrying about being a burden on the next generation. Thanks to medical advances, improved nutrition and exercise programs, this generation is living longer, healthier lives than their predecessors.

Few things can eat away at a client’s savings faster than healthcare and long-term disability. While we can’t control the rising cost of healthcare, we can put investment strategies in place to help cover costs, and minimize the risk of catastrophic health care costs.

The advisors of e3 ConsultantsGROUP concentrate their efforts on identifying and addressing areas of risk that threaten clients’ future financial security. Since no one can really control how his or her investments perform, e3 believes investors’ primary focus should be on risk mitigation.