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What We Do

We listen to our clients and offer tailored strategies to help simplify their financial life.

  • Our approach is based on our Advance & Protect philosophy, which focuses on minimizing risk in four areas: Market Volatility, Inflation, Taxes, and Longevity Risk. This philosophy is counter-intuitive to the traditional mentality many investors have been taught for decades.
  • e3 believes our clients want us to provide EDUCATION that creates CONFIDENCE in their minds so they can take ACTION to achieve a relationship with e3 based on TRUST.

We set ourselves apart by serving as an independent firm.

  • A key differentiator for e3 Wealth is our independent and unbiased business platform, which allows us to make decisions based on what is best for our clients. Our advisors develop a relationship with each client to provide personalized investment and savings strategies.
  • While we operate through our broker-dealer, Kalos Capital, Inc., e3 hand selects both the professional service partners we work with and our advisors, providing clients with access to individuals committed to strategies that truly fit their specific situation while continually monitoring their life stages.
  • e3 has also built key alliances with other financial firms who share the same philosophy. We are a part of Prosperity Economics Movement, which is made up of 70+ advisors in multiple states.

We help our clients take control of their finances.

  • e3 advises over a combined $500 million in assets and works to Protect the Purpose of our clients’ money.
  • Through their collective experience, our integrated network of professionals and trusted advisors are able to provide recommendations that help make maximum use of applicable income tax laws, creative investment alternatives, and cutting-edge insurance products.
  • We focus our efforts in providing comprehensive analysis of a client’s financial picture. This process involves several stages of an individual and their family’s life, including:
    • Accumulation Stage
      • Building assets with a focus on diversifying risk using alternative asset classes
      • Balancing spending desires with savings’ goals
    • Distribution Stage
      • Maximizing desired income from unearned sources
      • Minimizing income taxes paid from invested assets
      • Appropriate income stage planning based on conservative assumptions
    • Preservation Stage
      • Providing investment alternatives designed to protect investment principal and financial instruments to provide a minimum level of growth
      • Strategies designed to protect assets from creditors
      • Diversifying client risk from an asset and tax perspective
    • Transfer Stage
      • Customizing legal documents for estate distribution*
      • Utilizing current IRS tax laws to maximize wealth transfer for heirs/beneficiaries, charitable organizations, and family dynasty (i.e. leaving a legacy)