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It is time for a new age of enlightenment.

It is time for people to take responsibility for their personal economy. The problem rests in inactivity, in sitting back and doing nothing, essentially allowing an entitlement society to overtake our ability to succeed or fail on our own merits. If you are ready to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to protect your personal economy and finally take control of your financial picture, then e3’s methods are in alignment with your thought process.

As we diagnose the problem, the reality of the situation becomes clearer. Fiscal dependence on others is connected to the motivation behind the difficult financial decisions citizens must make throughout a lifetime. You don’t make those decisions in a vacuum. Generations of families are taught to believe certain myths about money, and those “lessons” are passed down to their children.

We need to break the cycle of financial illiteracy and gain true knowledge about everyone’s human resources (time, talent, and capital). Protecting personal economy is possible for those who value financial independence and control over their economic futures.

Once people wake up and decide that they are ready to take control of their financial pictures, following a process and philosophy that empowers each of us toward first-generation wealth is key. Our education-based advising model will allow you to Take Control of Your Financial Picture while Protecting Your Personal Economy.


  • Provide you information that helps you make decisions
  • EXPAND your knowledge base in areas beyond Traditional Asset Classes
  • Introduce an environment that is constantly searching for ways to add VALUE


  • Make sure our philosophy “fits” your mindset
  • Determine which of our services you want to utilize at this time
  • Create certainty in your mind


  • ENGAGE in a working relationship where conversation is transparent and based on your Financial Picture
  • Implement strategies that are in a customized ONE-SIZE-FITS-ONE model
  • Integrate as many resources as possible to simply your financial life


  • PRO-ACTIVE communication on both sides that helps set realistic expectations
  • MEASURE AND MONITOR your financial picture based on current economic conditions
  • Assist you in the utilization of your money

Protection is positioned as an investment goal. Investing in certain securities may help to hedge against certain risks, but does not imply any guarantee from loss.