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Our Philosophy

e3 Wealth Advance & Protect Philosophy is different from the “Buy, Hold, Hope” philosophy of the past that many savers and investors may have embraced. “Hope” is not an investment strategy. With Advance & Protect, we are proactive in managing your entire savings portfolio — all of the time.

The four Core Tenets of our Advance & Protect Philosophy each play an integral role in helping our advisors add value in our service to you:

Diversify Your Risk Using Alternative Asset Classes
Our focus in wealth management is to manage your risk, not produce returns. In today’s market, relying solely on stocks, bonds and cash may not get you to where you want to be. We believe it is important to diversify across asset classes that perform well in varying economic environments – especially today. While diversification cannot ensure a profit or protect against a loss, we help you diversify your investment portfolios using various non-correlated asset classes to help minimize your risk, allowing appropriate investment returns to materialize in any economic climate.

Tax Diversification of Your Assets
Income tax minimization is an important part in planning your financial future. Every dollar of taxes saved is one more dollar you can save or spend in the future. e3 Wealth advisors work with you to help ensure you have a balance of taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free assets – all critical when creating your financial plan. We help you coordinate Core Tenet #1 and Core Tenet #2 of our investment strategy by bringing experienced professionals to the table to help ensure your investment principal is protected.

Protect the Purpose of Your Money
At e3 Wealth, we believe there are no such things as “good” or “bad” investments or products; it’s all about the appropriateness of the financial vehicles that help prioritize what we call our Safety, Liquidity, Growth model:

    • Safety: Do you want to protect your Principal or the Income off your principal.
    • Liquidity: How much money do you need access to and when do you need it?
    • Growth: We help you determine the proper growth “profile” for your money. Growth can come from INCOME (Interest/Dividends/Yield) and APPRECIATION (Securities price increases or Sale of an asset).

Our Safety, Liquidity, Growth model is designed to help produce long-term results potentially allowing you to increase your spendable income, decrease your income tax liability and maximize your overall net worth. We work together to provide you with strategies to plan for the future.

Please note: Protection is positioned as an investment goal. Investing in certain securities may help to hedge against certain risk, but does not imply any guarantee from loss.

Coordinate Every Piece of Your Financial Picture
As an independent firm, e3 Wealth advisors make decisions based on what’s best for our clients, not on preferred relationships and commission structures. Each partner throughout our integrated financial resources network understands our Advance & Protect Philosophy and works together to help provide you with strategies and solutions that best fit your personal economy.