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Coordinate Every Piece of Your Financial Picture

As members of an independent firm, our advisors make decisions based on what’s best for our clients, not on preferred relationships or on how we are compensated. Each partner throughout our integrated financial resources network understands our advance-and-protect philosophy and works together to provide you with products and services that best fit your situation.

Note: Services provided by estate attorneys, health/LTC insurance and mortgage specialists are offered by a third party and Kalos Capital, Inc., does not provide tax, Social Security or Medicare services.

e3 has in-house resources to help in the areas of tax/bookkeeping/accounting, as well as property & casualty insurance:

e3 Tax Group

In addition, e3 coordinates with other firms within the scope of the financial industry designed to bring added value to our clientele. These affiliates work alongside e3, adding value with their experience, in order to create a customized Financial Picture in a more seamless fashion.

A list of some of our affiliates is detailed below:

For Individuals and Families

Ameritime, Inc

Contact Jenny Dasher to learn more about Ameritime's services to educators. Jenny can be reached at or 314-800-8511

Arch Brokerage, Inc.

Contact Joe Bottani, IV for your health insurance needs - especially if you are in need of Medicare Supplements. Joe can be reached at or 314-849-6363 extension #104

Skrobonja Financial Group

Brian Skrobonja is President of Skrobonja Financial Group (SFG). SFG is part of the e3 Network.

The Law Office of Andy Weinhaus, LLC

Andrew Weinhaus is the managing partner of this estate planning firm. Andy serves e3 clients through the creation and review of wills, trusts, powers of attorney (POA), and other various estate planning documents.

To learn more about their services, please contact Andy at or 314-726-2411 

For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

The Blue Collar Broker, LLC

Christopher Lawrence Stone joined forces with e3 ConsultantsGROUP in 2017 and brings with him a vast experience in business and consulting. He assists e3 with 2 main focuses. First Identifying insurance risks and equipping you or your business with specific recommendations and policies to achieve the proper protection and coverages for all your potential risks. Secondly providing Brokerage Services - helping business owners by expertly targeting acquisition candidates, assessing and valuing the targeted business, guiding the parties through due diligence and presiding over a closing process whereby ownership is transferred. Our focus is on WIN-WIN solutions that result in both parties finalizing the transaction with complete satisfaction. Christopher is Licensed in all lines of insurance Life/Health/Property/Casualty as well as a member of the (IBBA) for Business M&A. Chris was born and raised in St Louis Missouri and is a Dale Carnegie graduate.

Chris can be reached at or 314-922-4409

Independent Commercial Lender

John Vitale, Lender
Business Banking Officer

John can be reached at or 618-789-5812

Stock Legal, LLC

Sara Stock
Founder & Managing Partner

To reach an attorney with Stock Legal, go to this webpage: Stock Legal or call 314-297-0855

Bistate Law Center

Matt Nagel can be reached at or 888-519-2215

Some Questions To Consider:

  • When was the last time your investment advisor asked to see your income tax return?
  • Are your tax professionals proactive with income tax strategies, or do they just react to the information you provide them every year?
  • How should you structure your mortgage in retirement? Should you just pay it off?
  • Is your investment portfolio designed for accumulation or utilization?
  • Has anyone looked at your options for Social Security benefits or Medicare coverage and helped you decide which decisions you should make in your personal economy?
  • What options do you have to help protect your assets from medical issues or long-term care needs?
  • Are all of your accounts properly titled and have the right beneficiaries for an efficient transfer of your estate?

Nowadays, so much uncertainty exists within our educational system, housing market, employment, and health care arenas that it’s up to you to protect your personal economy. You need a team of financial professionals who are knowledgeable in all areas that deal with money. Proactive strategies that simplify your financial life are essential.