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The e3 Advantage

Start Thinking Differently.

e3 has assisted hundreds of individuals, families, and small business owners in making sound, financially related decisions. Each client experience is unique because everyone has a different relationship with money. e3 advisors have dedicated time and energy toward educating themselves and clients about the science of neuro-linguistic programming, shortened to NLP. NLP is a “difference maker” in e3’s business model. Acknowledging our firm’s understanding of NLP and its ability to help us make a deeper connection with our clients is a vital element to understanding our approach.

NLP is not a thing; it is a theory that studies which actions work and how to repeat them to achieve continuing success. Neuro means something to do with the brain. NLP considers our habits, good and bad. Most of our habits are stored in the unconscious mind. The key is to increase our awareness of those habits and then to shape them through conscious thought patterns. Learning to influence your own results can empower you toward both personal and business success.

e3 helps clients “think differently” about money and finance-related decisions. Learn more about NLP and our work at e3 through the articles, educational resources, and by visiting