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e3 Sports

e3 Sports was formed to assist professional athletes in the way they think, communicate and behave in regards to money and finance related decisions. We recognize that professional athletes are so much more than their chosen sport and the countless hours spent perfecting their skills. In so many ways, professional athletes ARE entrepreneurs!

If you are a professional athlete and share a vision similar to e3, we encourage you to embrace our business model and reach your destiny with e3 as your advocate.

Allow e3 Sports to help you through the different stages of your financial mindset:

Important terms for athlete entrepreneurs: 

  • Capital With the proper use of your time and a focus on increasing the talents that add value to your career, an increase in capital should be the result. But acquiring capital doesn’t always occur in an ideal timeframe. If you need capital before you create it, what are your options? Read More
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset e3 Consultants GROUP developed the Entrepreneurial Mastermind Program (EMP) because we believe in supporting the creative actions of entrepreneurs. They are the life-blood of our society and add value to the lives of customers/clients, staff, partners, families, and their respective communities. Read More
  • Surround yourself with those who are great at what they do While everyone has a finite amount of Time, Talent, and Capital, successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of delegating key functions to those with specialized experience rather than trying to do everything themselves. e3 Sports relies on an extensive Integrated Resource Network of trusted professionals to step in as needed to help in any area of your financial and entrepreneurial life. Read More
  • Talent Your talent is your habits, skills, and unique abilities. Understanding which talents you possess allows you to add value in all areas of your life and other people’s lives. Knowing your talent gives you the ability to create capital. Read More
  • Time Everyone has a finite amount of time. It is the scarcest resource and the one that entrepreneurs/professional athletes should protect the most. For this to occur, delegation is key. You must also surround yourself with like-minded people who not only value your time but also bring other resources to the table (their own time, talent, and/or capital) to achieve success in any of your endeavors. Read More
  • WIN-WIN-WIN ScenariosAfter years of research and thousands of meetings with entrepreneurial minded people, e3 has developed a system that will help you identify the areas in your personal and business economy that need immediate attention and long term focus. e3 assists our clients in the creation of WIN-WIN-WIN scenarios.
    WIN #1 – The Client Experience
    -Educating our clients what it is about e3’s business model that differentiates us from other financial firms.
    -Explain how e3 has developed systems to provide consistent results that manage our clients’ expectations over time.
    -Understanding who our ideal client is. What makes this person or company tick – their goals, aspirations, challenges, concerns, and most importantly, their mindset.
    -How we utilize a unique teamwork business model to balance the optimization of each client’s experience with the company’s profitability. Read More

If you are a professional athlete and share a vision similar to e3, we encourage you to embrace our business model and reach your destiny with e3 as your advocate.