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e3 First Responders

Long-Term Commitments Serving the First Responders Community

Financial Strategies and Education for ANY Stage in Your Career  

e3 First Responders is a team of experienced advisors working specifically with Firefighters, Law Enforcement, and EMT’s to provide comprehensive, education-based, financial guidance that is custom tailored to each individual or family’s needs. Our number one goal is to help protect the purpose of your money so you can sleep well at night knowing your family is covered.

Our Process
Our History
Our Values
  • L.O.D.D. Planning: We think it’s prudent to plan for the best but prepare for the worst.  It’s our privilege to assist in any way we can.
  • Pension Maximization: We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Education on D.R.O.P. Programs: Want to learn more about our programs that are available to you? We have a wealth of resources.
  • Protect Your Beneficiaries: Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We believe these values matter for both your beneficiaries and you.
  • Deferred Comp Strategies: Years of experience allow us to be able to guide you on every area of your 457. From investment selection to whether you should use the Roth or traditional option, we have you covered.